- 09 FakeNews [Jon Stewart; Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart]
- 24 Legend of Zelda fanart [Link; Dark; Dark/Link; Fem!Link; Fem!Dark; Fem!Dark/Fem!Link] + 6 alt
- 18 Super Smash Bros Brawl fanart [Ike; Pit; Ike/Marth; Ike/Link/Marth; Ike/Link; Marth/Link]
- 06 30 Seconds To Mars [Jared Leto; Echelon]
- 04 Two Door Cinema Club [group; Alex and Kevin; Kevin]
- 12 Astronomy [NASA photos]



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[5] Jon Stewart
[6] Stephen Colbert
[3] John Oliver
[1] Colbewart (or something)
[1] TDS cast (as of 2008) in something not a Toyota
16 total

first fake news icon post @ iconcaptor 

I just started my icon comm, and dedicated the first post to my OTP, men/suits. If you like anything you see, become a member! Thanks for looking.